A Results-proven Method for Excellence in Eight Specialized Areas

Public and private organizations, institutions, non-profits, companies
and entrepreneurs in search of partners for growing their businesses
through communications have rewarded our work with their loyalty for many years. 
Striving for success together with our clients in this permanent creative laboratory
has allowed us to develop broad and diversified competencies
in the most disparate working areas and categories of products. 
Some areas of specialization have become the motors of our Group:
The world of Healthcare; large youth communities related to Sports and Nightlife;
the theme of valorizing local and regional qualities, protecting the landscape,
the promotion of localism, food and wine, and tourism; fashion and art,
which are always a source of inspiration and place of exciting challenges;
food & beverage
companies, at the heart of mass consumption;
research into new languages in bio-medical innovation, mechanics,
new technologies
; non-profits, working alongside many organizations
and as consultants for the Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso.