Associazione Volontari


A social health organization that receives,treats,
and rehabilitates those who suffer from AIDS. 
It is also an important institution
that has been fighting in support of social marketing,
having produced campaigns for more than 40 years.

Alfa Wassermann spa

A collaboration that has lasted more than ten years
and allowed us to consolidate specialized knowledge and competitive experience
through a constantly active consulting practice on marketing
and communications projects, institutional and industrial. 
We have developed our creativity through design, publishing, and planning events
that are always appreciated for their originality and effectiveness.

APT Servizi
Regione Emilia-Romagna

Promoting tourism through images and communications
aimed at the foreign market, using tools and actions
supporting international Tour operators with large clienteles
that are  at the root of the country’s historical, cultural,
and artistic identity and its unique local qualities.

Associazione Jesolana

Events of international scope and promotion campaigns
on behalf of an important Association
that has proven itself able to handle the challenge of competitiveness,
attracting many new European tourists.


Associazione Nazionale
Città del Vino

An important partner that guarantees
that exclusive Food and Wine related events are linked
to profound experiences of the Italian countryside,
making a difference in relationship marketing.

Associazione Volontari
per il Servizio Internazionale

Giving visibility to a project to assist child soldiers
in Northern Uganda: in an exhibition
promoted by the Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso,
communications were used to denounce this injustice;
the image and the success of the event became
an unforgettable testimony to the cause.


Società unipersonale a r.l.


Innovation in dialysis methods:
A sequence of images and communications
that maintains the balance between
science, technology, and attention to people.

San Marzano

A liquor with traditional appeal reinvents itself for a younger audience:
The re-branding strategy for a historic Italian Beverage brand
has taken shape through a marketing campaign
culminating in a series of TV commercials.


Busi Impianti
Busi Group

Collaborating with a leading Group in the engineering,
civil plant design, industry, and manufacturing sector
means acquiring competences
and technical language in various contexts:
From the commercial infrastructure sector to industry,
to health, and from pharmaceuticals to energy.

San Paolo Imi

Sensibility, language, clear goals:
Our communications outlook has evolved
alongside an important client. 
Over the course of the last decade,
Carisbo-San Paolo has gone from being
an important Banking Institution in the city of Bologna,
to belonging to a prestigious national
and international-level financial group,
without losing its local ties to the area.

Casa del Sole

Marketing is an even more exciting
and motivating challenge when it is pursued
for the purposes of fundraising. 
In this case, for a Non-Profit Organization
that proposes that we look at our own lives
through the lens of children’s disabilities.


Cassa di Risparmio
di Cesena


Institutional Communication, image, design…
the prestige of a storied Banking Institution explained
in a series of informational campaigns
that have focused on a contemporary must:
The value of service and transparency.

Centro Estero
delle Camere di Commercio
dell’Emilia Romagna

Many years of collaboration have allowed us
to handle the problem of internationalization
and the challenge of new markets, entering into the heart
of the industrial and economic system in our region.

Farmaceutici S.p.A.

The second largest Italian pharmaceutical group
enters into the world of dietary supplements,
taking advantage of our unique experience in the field of marketing
and scientific information in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical areas.


An important sponsor for the Sindicato Italiano Locali da Ballo. 
A complex marketing project emerged from this encounter,
intended to bring the world beverage leader
to the center of the nightlife business,
deploying all the power of the brand through a tour of events
at the most important Italian clubs
and spectacular presentations at the industry’s exhibitions.



An association established more than
25 years ago in the area of coffee
and chocolate presents itself
in gift books and other publications.


Comune di Bologna

Our proximity has always led us to collaborate
not only on projects and large demonstrations,
but also the need for a strategy to promote Bologna’s identity,
unifying institutional and industrial organizations around a common project.

Comune di Lizzano
in Belvedere

An identity to defend; a tourist product to re-launch:
This is an example of a Public administration that publicizes
about its dialogue with local entrepreneurs in the best possible way,
fully valorizing the locality and the land.

Comune di Olbia
Porto Rotondo

Theater, music, and large cultural events:
The leisure dimension in the most
refined and exclusive sense.

Comune di Portofino

Creating attractive and spectacular moments
for elite vacation hot spots,
on the prestigious stage of Portofino’s famous Piazzetta:
An ambitious project which has successfully married fashion and music. 
Masters of Made in Italy accompanied by unforgettably evocative concerts.


Comune di Jesolo

Events of international scope and promotional campaigns
on behalf of an important Association
that has proven itself able to handle the challenge
of competitiveness and to attract new European tourists.




Corporate image, design, and publishing
for an innovative supermarket,
then developing concepts for point-of-sale design:
An experience that has touched on many aspects
of marketing and environmental design.

Consiglio Nazionale
del Notariato

A juridical institution that was involved
in the creation of the concept of the city itself, in commerce,
and in relationships between people, explored
and reconstructed through the figure of Rolandino de’ Passegeri
in an exhibition focused on the history of notaries in Medieval Bologna.

Consiglio Regionale


At the heart of public communications
and service to citizens,
we participated in the creation of the Regional Parliament
by preparing its coordinated image.

Consorzio Agrario
di Bologna e Modena

Planning agricultural projects, guiding producers through changing markets,
bringing them the results of scientific research
and new technological acquisitions, constantly watching relationships with members:
We have been a crucial marketing agency during the golden years
of the Interprovincial Agrarian Consortium of Bologna and Modena,
supporting institutional actions based on their products and services.

Consorzio Agrario
di Cremona

Looking back on centuries of traditional agriculture in and around Cremona,
which is what the Consortium is about,
the marketing line follows from the image:
From recuperating historical images, to the creation of successful stands for
exhibitions and presentations to honor the role of these leaders
in the international zootechnical industry.

degli Emiliano-Romagnoli
nel mondo

A cultural patrimony and an identity
that must be nourished and protected,
a series of strategic potentialities to valorize:
This is an ongoing consulting project in collaboration with an organization
that maintains relationships with the communities
from this region living abroad.

Coop Adriatica

The traditional cuisine of Bologna
becomes a sensory experience,
and the consumer is transformed into a consumer/actor:
A marketing campaign based on the region’s unique qualities has generated
an innovative model of interaction with the public.

Coop Estense

The creation of celebratory objects,
emblems of important institutional values,
has been an opportunity to return to the origins
of the concept of cooperation,
the meaning of belonging to a cooperative and territorial identity.


Fiera di Milano


One of the temples of business linked to fashion
has entrusted us with a series of initiatives on the occasion
of its most important meeting devoted to the world eyeglasses industry,
for the valorization and bringing together of entrepreneurs in the industry
through innovative publishing projects, events, and original productions.

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio
Lega Nazionale Dilettanti

The best-known Italian soccer association,
which has more than 1.5 million card-carrying members five years old and up,
and hundreds of thousands of directors, coaches, operators and volunteers,
generating a consumer market that is worth more than 2 billion Euros per season. 
For more than 10 years, FIGC has entrusted us with the exclusive management
of their integrated publishing communications through marketing actions
aimed at bringing the major national and international brands
to the largest sports community in the Country.



A company that has made art its communicative language and its business,
revolutionized the concept of the book and access to art objects,
and developed the impressive capabilities
in production, design, and creativity along the way.

Laboratories S.p.A

Experience with visualization and design for the bio-medical industry
as an important business card for a project that has seen the involvement of various firms:
The creation of a pack of printed material that will coordinate emotional impact
and scientific content for a product that will be broadly distributed.

Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna

A prestigious foundation that works at the heart of the city’s cultural activities
has chosen us as consultants for institutional communication
and a series of advertising activities, below the line, and publishing.


Collegio San Carlo di Modena



An event that is revolutionary in many ways,
the Festival of Philosophy, which brings conversation
about happiness to the public, takes shape through a TV commercial dedicated
to the social function of philosophy.

Fondazione Malagutti


Coordinatedimage and marketing strategies
for a newly important non-profit organizationwith
a broad outlook on its development and a series
of projects at thenational and international levels.

Pubblicità Progresso

A chance encounter during the course of the International Conference
for Social Communications has been consolidated
into a partnership now 10 years in the making
with this important organization in the world of publicity. 
FPP is the guardian of the ethical mandate of advertising
and has assembled important agencies around it.


Dietary supplements play an increasingly important role
in the pharmaceutical industries,
because they broaden and diversify the offer of therapeutic opportunities
for the medical class and pharmacies. 
This is the idea behind our increasing specialization
in the field of nutraceutical companies.

Grana Padano

One of the main players in Italian Food at an international level,
a brand that anticipates marketing trends linked
to the nutritional contents of products
by making connections to the scientific community. 
Grana Padano has made itself the interpreter
and bearer of a system of values tied to
healthy food and is now strongly competitive.


Gruppo Villa Maria


One of the principle holding companies for healthcare assistance,

research, and spas in Italy, known internationally for excellence. 
GVM has been among the earliest standard-bearers
for the ethical mandate of providing correct and complete information
to patients and has built a system of services
and means of communication specifically for this purpose.


A Bolognese company, with internationally competitive scientific

and technological know-how,
pioneers a biocompatible approach to dialysis patients. 
They have assembled an encyclopedia
of low-impact dialysis methods,
on which we have been lucky enough to collaborate.




An important insurance company rooted in its own land
has offered us the opportunity to study the relationship dynamics
in this service field, contributing to their revitalization
using effective tools and marketing actions of acknowledged originality.

di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria



A school of the history of publicity and of morals
as well as the juridical authority that decides the criteria
for legitimacy of advertising messages. 
The IAP sits on the delicate boundary between ethics
and censorship and has been an important witness
to changing collective sensibilities through the various modern eras.


An important player in the market of sports facilities made with artificial grass,
the first Italian company recognized as a FIFA Preferred Producer,
and a preferred producer for the International Rugby Board for more than 10 years,
Limonta Sport has entrusted us with its communications
through published materials targeted at the 15,000 amateur soccer clubs in Italy.

Martini & Rossi

A historic Italian beverage brand projected
into the clubs of the Sindicato Italiano Locali da Ballo
for a very successful experience with the youth target.

MERCK Serono S.p.A

Strategic marketing and communications
for the launch of new products
and educational campaigns aimed at the patient:
A collaboration that that has made us active in the world
of Italian diabetes research.


Leading producer of indoor athletic surfaces,
official provider for the Olympic Games from Beijing 2008 to London 2012,
Mondo is one of the most important producers
of artificial turf for soccer fields, an industry that has entrusted us
with communications and marketing campaigns aimed at amateur
and youth soccer clubs with their 15,000 facilities nationwide
and also with the governmental entities that own them.

Mondo del Vino


Installations, creative design for labels and packaging:
This company, a leading Italian exporter of bottled and Bag-in-Box wine,
represents an opportunity to keep a constant
and privileged eye on the national and international wine industry.

Monti Beauty Club




The world of Beauty Farms as an expression of health and wellness:
a communications experience halfway between fashion, cosmetics,
and popular science on themes like nutrition and good psycho-physical habits,
from the point of view of intervening in lifestyles
using tools oriented towards the organic lifestyle.


National Geographic



A prestigious encounter that has brought us into the creation of a series of documentaries
that brings the stories of wines and the Italian landscape to the entire world
in an international promotion project distributed by Alliance Atlantic
and broadcasted by the popular Food Network in America.

Healthcare S.r.l.


A young and dynamic company, part of the Chiesi group:
We have put our marketing, communications,
and design experience at their disposal for their lines
of pediatric dietary supplements.

Ottica Avanzi

A series of collaborations in the design-publishing field
and a pioneering project dedicated to Italian opticians, Vision Europe,
has tied us to this leading Italian optical chain. 
The Vision Europe project contains the principle ingredients of success
for this brand: the capability to bridge a complex market like the eyeglasses market,
maintaining a balance between medical protection and stylish accessories,
overcoming the challenges of design, price, and customer service personnel competency.

Parco Regionale
Corno alle Scale

The myth of nature, the eternal suggestion of Eden just two steps from the city:
The communications required for territorial marketing have been structured
in tandem with the growing complexity of the touristic offering.

Provincia di Bologna




A twenty year collaboration based on specialized publishing projects,
information for citizens, and communications, at the crossroads of agriculture,
territorial protection, and the promotion of unique local traditions.

di Parma e Piacenza


An immense architectural, historical and territorial patrimony,
not to mention food and wine. 
It occurred to us to create an identity for the provinces and a basis
for communications that would make these resources into an economic engine for the area:
The Castelli del Ducato product club was born,
an experience at the limit between territorial marketing, image, and communications.

Regione Emilia-Romagna
(vari assessorati e Servizi)

Over time, our collaborations with various councilors
and services have permitted us to contribute to the creation of the stylish images
that make the Emilia-Romagna Region’s communications recognizable:
A common language sufficiently malleable to work effectively in various contexts
for different purposes, from the Committee of the Regional Council,
to the Consultation of Emiliano-Romagnoli Around the World,
to the Councilors for Manufacturing Activities, Agriculture, and Tourism…

Regione Emilia-Romagna



Image-based tools, communications and information
to support the internationalization
of the industrial forces of the Region.


Rienzi Wines


Telling a world of stories about Italy,
understanding the dynamics of a complex market,
building a sales network, motivating, and educating:
An exciting challenge made possible by collaborating
between a number of professionals focused on a single important project,
from marketing to design, from packaging to production,
and from business management to handling sales.


A corporate image studio associated with Italy’s highest sartorial traditions. 

This is how the story of this company began. 
Saitt is now increasing its presence in the marketplace,
with new statements in the world of prêt à porter fashion made in Italy,
supported by its participation at large events like Pitti Immagine. 
They entrusted the design of original installations and spectacles to us. 
This ongoing project has made them one of the leading producers of men’s shirts in Europe today.

San Pellegrino

With Coca-Cola, a great sponsor
for the Sindicato Italiano Locali da Ballo,
the main player in an integrated communications project
at the heart of Italian nightlife.


Creativity, graphics, and design applied to high technology,
for a leading hand tool and precision mechanical equipment manufacturer.

Sindacato Italiano Locali da Ballo

A ten year collaboration with an organization
that holds the keys to the world of Italian clubs,
but also an active entrepreneurial sector
and a major player in our cultural evolution:
The dance as “happytainment,” nightlife as an emerging managerial challenge.

Strada del Vino
di Bologna e Modena

The first Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori
was created by us and has given way to a new way of conceptualizing territorial promotion,
creating a strong brand based on the idea of a product club,
then duplicating this systematically in other regions.

Terme di Porretta

Re-launching a tradition, overcoming the risk of trivialization

of the concept of wellness in relation to spa treatment,
moving towards a recuperation of the scientific element
of this approach to health, which is important as a preventive measure:
The involvement of the medical class resulted in the success of this project.


Corporate identity, corporate image, catalogues
and installations for exhibitions in the industry:
Two companies belonging to the same group have commissioned
a study and the production of their image
and communications material from us.






Design of labels and packaging
for a historic Italian Food producer.