Emotion Sensation Reason


Feeling, thinking, touch, collaboration

In a world of increasing complexity
that imposes new orientations and new paradigms on business,
effective communications entails understanding
the sensibility of the knowledgeable consumer,
in order to assess a business's successes
or failures from the point of view of the consumer's critical judgment.
Consumers'decisions are based on their participation
in the process of spreading news and information and actively sharing it.
Rather than being subjected to a company's message,
individuals now choose to be the protagonists by means of experiences
that involve all their cognitive faculties:
Emotion, reason, perception, participation
This cognitive model has inspired our work in communications.

"The value of a line,
or of a form,
or thus of any
message, depends
in our eyes
on the biological value
it holds for each of us;
the beauty and related power
of any sign is the sole product
of the charge of vital feeling
that we mysteriously
transfer back onto it."

Carl Gustav Jung